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The SAM Spotting System costs US$2,995 in the States.


In Europe the same thing could cost you US$4700 (31000kr).

Phillipe Chartrand was selling a similar device called “Flipping Wings“. Seems it’s no longer available.

My old coach, Physical Ed Vincent built his own with bungie and a twist belt. It’s been working for years and years, with constant maintenance. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Personally, I don’t need any of those devices to teach twisting. The time lost getting into and out of the belt could be better used.

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5 thoughts on “twisting machines”

  1. Problem is that in order to twist properly with gyroscopic (“tilt”) technique, you must tilt your body to the right or to the left, and this is prevented by that system.

    Bungie and twisting belt are fantastic on the floor or on the trampoline because they get loose on the top of the jump, so they let the gymnast use proper technique, but I think this machine would rather encourage to learn bad techniques and to get bad habits.

    However I saw one in Switzerland, but it was used only for conditioning (overall reinforcement of the “dish position” – what US people call “hollow”), not for somersaulting or twisting.

  2. I coach adults (beginners 25 to 65 years old) and I get a little stuck after straight salto backward and forward. I have a normal gym with some mats, springboards and small trampolines. I really don’t know how to teach them a twist and it is scary for them as well.

    This machine would really help them to get over their fears.

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