Shang Chunsong – Beam

Chinese Championships 2014


Shang won the beam title with a 15.367, (6.6, 8.567).

The Chinese implemented some kind of bonus system for nationals, which explains the .2 difference.

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4 thoughts on “Shang Chunsong – Beam”

  1. A triple twist that actually got all the way around!! A bit of helicopter legs but that’s refreshing to see it fully rotated!

  2. No attempt at artistry whatsoever. Someone needs to feed her. Although I bet she has the perfect body for Valentina Rodionenko’s standards.

  3. The 0.2 is for 1080 dismount.
    Shang also said in an interview agter thr meet that she is going to work hard and perfect her twist forms (ie no helicopter legs) amd to fully rotate her 1260 on floor
    Tbh, i think her form has already improved significantly, and to know that she was forced to stop training completely for 2 mths due to an elbow injury sustained in the winter training camp and still be able to get all her ub skills back in time tells u a lot about this lady

  4. Wow…this is very dynamic routine. Great flow and love her speed and attack on elements. Hope she medal in BB at world. And i agree, she had improved her forms a lot and hope the judges see that.

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