Russia 2nd or 3rd at Euros?

So projects Queen Elizabeth on the Rewriting Russian Gymnastics blog:

Romania will most likely be strongest there; Iordache and Bulimar are both currently on excellent form. Personally speaking, I hope Russia will fight for silver and I am expecting that they may finish with bronze. Britain is looking strong for these Championships and Italy and Germany could be in contention too if they have good competitions. …

Euros and injury update – Afanasyeva, Kramarenko, Komova and more

Many of the Russian gymnasts are injured and/or recovering from surgery. :-(

Team Russia at this point is Rodionova, Spiridinova, Sosnitskaya, Kharenkova and captain Mustafina (2 apparatus).

Komova and Afan are both in the same German hospital right now. Messing around. :-)

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6 thoughts on “Russia 2nd or 3rd at Euros?”

  1. That is the right combination for Russia less than mid Quad . Mustafina will most likely retire this year . Grishina has not been happy for 2 years & needs to go , Afan & Komova may return for 2 events each .

    There are some very fine gymnasts in that line up who have done a great deal of technique & artisrty work . I am. looking forward to seeing some beauty

  2. I see Russia in 5th place. No more in the top tier. Thanks to the great work of subzero expertise of National coach Valentina Rodionenko who didnt coach a day in her life and became a national coach.

  3. Even if so Alfie , so what? There are more important things going on in that part of the world.

    But besides that , why should EVERY competition be some sort of war ? There is only so much angst to go round .

  4. Please don’t get me wrong Sylvester. I am a pro Russian gymnastics but i feel so sad seeing 2010 world champs in this deteriorated state because of some unqualified personnel put in the wrong place.

  5. The real problem is the stupid pro-American agenda of FIG and every team being pushed to do awful, American style gymnastics. No wonder the Russians and other gymnasts everywhere are getting injured left and right with only the Americans standing.

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