Romania v USA at Worlds?

Don’t bet the mortgage. But Romania is getting closer to Team USA in a 3-up, 3-count Team final.

The smaller the team size, the less advantage gained by having as much depth as Team America.

Click PLAY or watch a montage called – Diana Bulimar – A Sky Full of Stars – on YouTube.


I’m assuming that Russia will continue to have … problems. That China’s FX and Vault will continue to drop them to 4th place as a team.

Could GBR or CAN finish ahead of China or Russia?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

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10 thoughts on “Romania v USA at Worlds?”

  1. Russia – possible if they won’t have Komova Afan and healthy Aliya. But China isn’t looking weak now. They are not bad with Shang and Yao on floor and they has couple of Rudis on vault.

  2. GBR is looking really good this year having a vast depth of girls putting up 14+ on each event. CAN on the other hand is going to be very dependent on three girls (Moors, Black, Yu) who are the only three gymnastics to score a 14 or high on each event this year. Natalie Vaculik has scored 14+ on bars as well so if she keeps that up she should be following in the footsteps of her sister. GBR will beat CAN for sure this year.

  3. GBR beat Russia at Euros only because the Russian team had reserves, counted an FTY on vault and suffered a fall on bars and one on beam. China is looking very promising and I highly doubt both CAN and GBR will go above the 5th place.

  4. China is looking more promising. they have 3 DTY, and possibly a Y900 from Tan Jiaxin, 3 world class ub sets, Shang’s bb and fx. I’d say their weakness lies in the ability to deliver consistantly in wc. They will have much better depth next year with Wang Yan, Deng Yalan and other few new seniors that have more difficult vault (Rudi, and a rumour of a new vault).
    I’d say, *if* (a big if) they are consistant, they can challenge for silver, and with some luck, maybe gold too
    This year

    1. USA and ROM are the most likely to hit 12/12.

      I’d rank RUS, GBR, CHN and CAN all likely to count 1 or 2 falls. But those teams are getting close enough in start score that 2 falls could make a difference. For example, RUS has 2 falls. GBR has none. GBR will finish ahead of RUS.

      MAYBE China will show up with 3 DTY. But don’t count on it.

  5. Go team usa I still think they’ll hit and it still won’t be close with a healthy Simone and kyla I still be china will faulter and finish behind 4 or 5th it’s they ll need to hit

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