new D Beam dismount – aerial fwd 2/1 twist

Note this Beam coaches. The 1 1/2 twist is not difficult from 1-foot.

Here’s Ralitsa Mileva competing the 1 1/2 in 2012. (VIDEO)

For many kids the 2/1 twist will now be the easiest D Dismount.

TAA – new FIG Difficulty elements

Former Rhythmic gymnast Elizabeth Vasileva from Bulgaria does some amazing stuff. But should FIG really have 6 new elements named after her?

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One thought on “new D Beam dismount – aerial fwd 2/1 twist”

  1. FIG should have five skills named after her if she shows five original skills (and she does). Why shouldn’t they ?
    We finally have a gymnast showing up with new, original skills, so maybe we should take some time to appreciate her work and originality, instead of wondering if, maybe, she is being too original and therefore should not get her skills named after her ?

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