Miss Sofia 2014

Larisa Iordache from Romania …

Challengers for the title were also Vanessa Ferrari (ITA), Guilia Steingruber (SUI), Claire Martin (FRA), Aliya Mustafina (RUS), Catherine Lyons (GBR). …


Larisa might win the World Championships this year. It’s possible. Especially if she upgrades to Amanar.

But she’s hardly a candidate for the Elegance Prize.

Click PLAY or watch her Beam in prelims on YouTube.

Her feet are not great. Her lines are not great. But in this current goofy code her routine scored 8.766 out of a (normal) maximum of 8.900.

6.4 + 8.766 = 15.166

Judges in 2014 reward start scores over all else. To win you need a high start score on all 4 apparatus.

Increasingly you need a body type closer to Shawn Johnson than to Nastia Liukin.

Larisa has a winning balance of power for tumbling & vault, yet can still do good Beam, reasonable Bars.

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