Miss Sofia 2014

Larisa Iordache from Romania …

Challengers for the title were also Vanessa Ferrari (ITA), Guilia Steingruber (SUI), Claire Martin (FRA), Aliya Mustafina (RUS), Catherine Lyons (GBR). …


Larisa might win the World Championships this year. It’s possible. Especially if she upgrades to Amanar.

But she’s hardly a candidate for the Elegance Prize.

Click PLAY or watch her Beam in prelims on YouTube.

Her feet are not great. Her lines are not great. But in this current goofy code her routine scored 8.766 out of a (normal) maximum of 8.900.

6.4 + 8.766 = 15.166

Judges in 2014 reward start scores over all else. To win you need a high start score on all 4 apparatus.

Increasingly you need a body type closer to Shawn Johnson than to Nastia Liukin.

Larisa has a winning balance of power for tumbling & vault, yet can still do good Beam, reasonable Bars.

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15 thoughts on “Miss Sofia 2014”

  1. On floor at least I’m OK with her being judged a little gently on execution because I think she goes above and beyond in the dynamism of her dance and her performance quality. No lazy breath-catching ‘dance’ or standing around for her, and she always puts on a real show.

  2. I definitely see what you mean about feet and lines in this routine. Not great. When Nastia did beam you could have taken a picture at any moment, and captured something beautiful. You’d have to choose the right moments with Iordache — but she does some difficult tumbling and hits it mostly clean not gorgeous but clean.

  3. That Miss Sofia thing is ridiculous. *sigh* How does attractiveness (how ever you want to quantify it) have to do with athleticism? Seriously.. *sigh* All “ugly” athletic women, STOP being athletic *now*.. that’s what something like this says.

  4. Um, Mary Shaw, the corner of gymnastics in which she competes is called “Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.” Note that “artistic” part in the middle. There’s a reason they have the execution score. Pointed toes and straight legs matter. The point is to not just do a crazy hard skill, but to do a crazy hard skill beautifully.

  5. She’s starting to have that bulky and heavy look of an American/British gymnast. I always remember the Romanians being so tiny and slim. Altho she has 200 times more style than any US/GB gymnast could ever dream of having.

  6. Iordache is ok on BB, but her shortcomings with less than perfect form/lines will prob be exposed soon once her teammate Munteanu (and Iridon after…) get more confident – would’nt be surprised to see those two make it tough for her to make finals come 2016 unless she cleans up.

  7. Ki what are you talking about Larissa looks like a robot with no artistry she just goes through the motions without telling a story

  8. Is there any way of getting rid of this KI person? Judgemental comments about gymnast body image just aren’t acceptable.

    1. I could delete those comments. But I value freedom of speech.

      My advise is to avoid the comments on this site and other sites as much as possible. I value freedom from speech, too.

      The comments here are hidden by default. 99% of people do not see them.

  9. Larissa ‘s bars & floor have improved a lot but the beam is a little scrappier but has kept the Ds .

    She missed her real window of opportunity with injury in London when her foot seized up. Both her & Mustafina should get a bravery award carrying not only their nations but Europe as well .

  10. You could get ugly pictures of Nastia on beam but the media rarely published the ones where she cheated her leaps

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