Larissa Miller – Bars

Larissa Miller topped Bar qualification yesterday at the Australian Championships with 15.100 (6.1 D). …

Full Twist

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Australia’s going to want that routine at Commonwealth Games.

Also, Lauren Mitchell’s BB & FX. (VIDEOS)

Australia is the defending Commonwealth Champion in Team. But they’ve got much stronger competition in 2014 than last time in India.

Couch Gymnast – Australian Nationals: Qualifications & Photo Gallery

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9 thoughts on “Larissa Miller – Bars”

  1. In 2010 England sent its B teams in a totally disrespectful action . Not content with having plundered India for centuries , they deemed India not worthy enough for them to grace the stage Indians had done their best to present . This was right across sports with the exception of swimming.

  2. I don’t know about other sports, but for gymnastics, 2010 Commonwealth Games were like a week or two before Worlds. Most commonwealth teams didn’t send their best minus Australia and India.

    1. At the time I felt Canada did the right thing. But after Australia had a good Worlds with the same team (almost) that had won Commonwealth Games, I questioned our decision.

      New Zealand men did both back to back, and told me they were shattered by the experience.

  3. The ‘upcoming competetitions ‘ are not an excuse .For example the Commonwealth Games are in Scotland & for the Australian Swim Team , The Pan Pacs with the American team is back home within 2-3 weeks . How would it look if the Australians decided to not go / send a B team given that their main competitors are the Americans ?

    The fact is they would not dream of letting down the Scottish organisation & would just try harder/ smarter to fit both in ( entailing more travel than England-India .

    Rick – I was not aware of Canada boycotting but maybe it won’t help Edmonton’s 2022 bid. Everybody gloams about spreading sport to the developing world but won’t support events there. If we want them to join up we have to respect their best efforts .

  4. How did you feel about Jamaica’s Usain Bolt skipping (not boycotting!) Commonwealths last time? Something he will undoubtedly do again.

    The reason the top athletes don’t turn up is because Commonwealths is a second-rate Games. It has nothing to with the host, except if the host is the athlete’s own country, in which case taking part could impact his or her marketability.

    The ONLY reason the Australians risked competing in Delhi was because CWG results play an important role in determining their program funding.

  5. Inks – That is simply not true that funding was The only reason Australia turned up , though it may have been in the British swim team mind because their sports body rated Dehli as the top 2010 event .

    Australia had only just successfully hosted in 2006 & once Dehli facilities were cleared , it was never anything else than to go & go at full strength. It was also important for The Gold Coast’s ( successful) bid for 2018 . I really don’t think Australians fret over the medals but being on the OZ Commonwealth Games team is a proud sporting tradition few would give up .

    Aust did sit out 2013 worlds so they do have priorities .

  6. Also Jamaica has no historical relationship or cultural with India . England certainly does given it used to be The British Empire Games , hence my main point .

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