Europeans Gold medal routines

Full Twist has been compiling videos of the finalists.

Click PLAY or watch Steingruber’s Vaults on YouTube. Yurchenko 1/1 for second vault.

Click PLAY or watch Becky Downie’s CRAZY Bars on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Maria Kharenkova’s Beam on YouTube.


Break the tie :-) between Vanessa Ferrari and Larisa Iordache. FX was the best apparatus.

Click PLAY or watch the Ferrari on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Larisa’s Floor on YouTube.

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11 thoughts on “Europeans Gold medal routines”

  1. No contest for me…..Larisa was better. The composition of Ferrari’s routine was terrible; three back to back same line tumbling routines should have been a big deduction. Larisa at least looked like she enjoyed herself.

  2. Ferrari is a dump truck that tumbles and does awkward leaps. Actually, senior floor, with the exception of Frangapane in prelims and finals, was the WORST event.

  3. I love, love, love Iordache’s routine! It’s one of the few that I don’t get tired of seeing. I’ve never been a fan of Ferrari, but I’ve got to give her credit for continuing in the sport for so long and for not wearing a leo with cut-outs this time!

  4. Vanessa has not the best compostion but her routine was the best of the final. Great tumbling, stuck landings and entertaining choreography. People are so cruel to her! She’s 24 and still upgrading routines..One of the best gymnast of the decade and for sure the best gymnast of west Europe ever.

  5. Oh, and did Steingruber get penalized for performing a FTY? I was pretty sure she signaled a DTY. I thought there was a penalty for not performing the skill you say you are going to compete.

  6. I thought Ferrari’s DLO was a nice new addition. I don’t remember seeing that from her before. I’m going to agree that Iordache has a better routine overall, but I can see why it’s close. Ferrari sells her routines, and has some nice originality — like her full twisting yang bo — which I believe is named the Ferrari. I dig that skill.

  7. I would go with Ferrari she sold the routine with artistry and execution and not looking like a robot with high dif and no substance

  8. It seems both Romania & Italy are off the Lycra sanction list & full supply has been restored. Much appreciated.

  9. There’s no deduction for doing a different vault than the one you signalled. There seemed to be something wrong with the VT signaller because 3 people did different vaults to the ones that were put up, which is pretty unusual (Giulia’s FTY, then Makra’s piked Y was marked as a 5.00 and Berger’s FTT as a 5.50).

    Ferrari’s eponymous leap is a full-turning ring leap rather than yang bo – isn’t Yang Bo the jump with oversplit and straight legs rather than bent back leg?

    I like Ferrari though, and i like this routine better than the one which was just double-double, full-in, double back etc. The DLO shows she can do something new rather than just double-tuck variations.

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