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DvoraAfter five months of research, interviews, writing, and rewriting, I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be writing a book about gymnastics ….

Here’s the official announcement …

Freelance journalist and frequent Deadspin and Jezebel contributor Dvora Meyers’s THE END OF THE TEN: The Fall of Perfection in Modern Gymnastics, analyzing how various factors including the elimination of the “Perfect 10” have changed women’s gymnastics in the last few decades, allowing the U.S. to become a dominant power in the sport, to Michelle Howry at Touchstone, for publication in Summer 2016, to coincide with the Olympics, by Allison Hunter at Inkwell Management (World).

Dvora Meyers’s THE END OF THE TEN: The Fall of Perfection in Modern Gymnastics

Dvora is planning on attending Worlds. Planning to interview as many people as possible who were connected or affected by the end of the perfect 10.0 in Artistic scoring in 2006.

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  1. The perfect ten still exists. There were codes where a perfect ten was never given out at the world level (pre-1976, nineties and early 2000s), so to say the perfect ten is dead in the sport is a bit dramatic. The score for perfection still exists, but even with a limited scoring system, I doubt we would see 10s like it was 1988 … the codes and judging following 1992 just don’t seem to support that. I think the current concept of two separate scores is good solution to the catch 22 in gymnastics of too much difficulty vs. form. Remember back to 1997 and the BB final at worlds if you want to understand why Nelli Kim has worked for this type of code.

    Many top elite gymnasts have great technique (minus the scissor legs on twisting elements … ), but the separate scores aren’t to blame for the lack of artistry, it’s the pose-fest style choreography and lack of choreography on beam. That is what needs to be fixed to change gymnastics, not reverting back to the 10 scoring system.

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