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Winning a competition is always great, but sometimes just performing to the best of your ability is an even greater accomplishment. There have been a number of competitions in my career where I performed my best routines, but did not win the meet. …

During a competition, try not to focus on the scores or your placement. Instead, focus on performing the best skills and routines possible. Doing this really does help take some of the pressure off. …

… the scoring is out of your control …

From a coach’s perspective…. we were just recently at Regionals with our team. The goals we gave our girls was to hit 4 for 4. They did not have a specific score that we wanted them to obtain for each event. We told them to “Hit 4 for 4” and our hope was that it would be enough to make Nationals. That put less pressure on them before and during the meet because it did not give them a chance to be disappointed after an event if they didn’t get a certain score. The results of this thinking?…three of our four level 10?s qualified, including my sister, Skyler!

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Click PLAY or watch Skyler’s Beam at Regionals on YouTube.

The pressure is greater at Regionals than Championships, of course.

As you know, Chellsie was one “bad-ass” competitor herself.

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