Vault judges at Pac Rims?

The Gymternet is outraged.


Bailie Key’s vault was fantastic. No complaints regarding her 9.5 execution score.

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Now … what would you score this vault?

Click PLAY or watch Kyla Ross on YouTube.

A panel of expert international judges awarded that 9.50, as well.


It’s almost as if they were judging her by reputation, rather than by the vault as performed at the time.

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14 thoughts on “Vault judges at Pac Rims?”

  1. Come on price got a huge score with a major step forward, on vault. Plus her ub and bb seemed high. It seems that the judges are giving price benefits like they gave Simone last yr. so kyla and baillie aren’t the only ones . I feel if anyone was scored fairly ; it was bailie. I believe her bb and ub actually should have been higher . Plus I feel regardless of the scores baillie was the best of the night. She had difficulty as well as artistry.

  2. I’d count it as two steps. They are always trying to pull that fast facing movement to cover up lack of stability.

  3. Typical inflated US scoring both vaults. But Canada is practically like the US so of course the judges will score their neighbours higher. Maybe hire real, qualified judges next time.

  4. Ross doesn’t get a lack of height deduction or a lack of distance deduction… Key on the other hand does get those deductions, she gets little lift up off of the vaulting table and lands close to the vaulting table upon completion. That’s how Ross is able to score close to Key with her form issue up onto the table and hop on landing.

  5. of course Ross’ vault was overscored – she’s never corrected the leg separation in preflight/block that she carried over from her former amanar, she was off axis, and she hopped. But she’s the only Olympic Gold Medalist who continued competing, she’s competed and trained thru a growth spurt and back injury, and she’s going to get the benefit of the doubt and of the judging panel due to her current veteran status on the US Team. Welcome to reality, people.

  6. Last I checked Russia was grossly overscored at the Russian championships especially aly and komova. Also lord ache is always overscored for form breaks balance checks and wild landing. That’s why they stick to competitions that suite russia and Romania. So your complaint about the Americans is futile

  7. Everyone is overscored at their national championships (except China and Japan, usually). It doesn’t really matter, as long as its being done consistently – the point here is that it wasn’t consistent. I expect Ebee was benefiting from the ‘Big D = Big E’ score bump, while Kyla was getting the ‘Olympic Medallist’ score bump.

  8. The Russians might not have the D scores of the Americans, but at least they try to do things perfectly. They always have the best E scores. All I ever see from the Americans is chucked big skills without any regard to form, flexibility and artistry. They compete like borg drones trying to please the borg queen, Marta Karolyi. I don’t know when or how FIG became so anti-Russian.

  9. at the end of the day the public can see exactly the same that the coaches and gymnast around the world can see… that one gymnast was ovescore in base a fame and not to performance…and that is a huge problem with our sport.

    when the judges are incapable to difference one vault for other the only thing that is probe is that or the Judges ar partial in favor for one gymnast ( can be for name of the gymnast or just for the country that the gymnast represent…) or they are scare of doing the rigth thing…or just show they incapacity.

  10. first; the chinese were overscored, at the 2008 olympics. especially; on balance beam. but aly musty amarer has always been a mess and she was always overscorewd. so lets keep it real. kylas execution is impecable. plus she is competing with a back injury whitch may not be asnywhere near healed. if you ever had a back injury its hard to fully heal. the old saying you have to beat the champ(oympian) conviencly. however mark my word baillie is the real deal and will take in price, simone, and the world.

  11. “The Russians might not have the D scores of the Americans, but at least they try to do things perfectly. ”

    I don’t know where you got that from watching the likes of Mustafina, Nabieva, Grishina, Komova, and Rodionova. They’re always attempting skills they can’t do properly just to keep up!

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