should you arch on Pak?

Like Nastia.

Nastia Pak

Or be much straighter like Bailey Key.

Key Pak

For most gymnasts the arch technique is easier. Easier to stall the rotation.

Most kids should start with a good deal of arch. Later experiment with less arch.

WOGymnastika linked to a series of Paks from Rodionova. Over her career she’s gotten straighter. And improved her form.

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9 thoughts on “should you arch on Pak?”

  1. Well it looks like Key is much shorter than Liukin on those videos, and I think that explains everything. A straight pack salto is more difficult for tall gymnasts.

  2. Different strokes for different folk’s!
    Strait is a stronger more solid support position.
    With enough control it would be more efficient to simply go from hollow upswing (short = rotation) to Stretched (long = slower rate of rotation)
    Much of this is dependent on the downswing technique and the direction of the parabolic arc created. More center of mass over the bar = straighter/ less = more arch.

  3. As a judge the Pak Salto is clarified in the Code of Points as “The gymnast must finish in a definite clear front support position on the low bar, with hips above the level of the low bar. *If the gymnast catches the low bar with shoulders behind low bar, in a hang or with hips below the level of the low bar, appropriate amplitude deductions should be applied. Therefore Bailey Keys is much better.
    Having said that as most of my judging is in Region II – I am thrilled when their feet don’t slam into the ground. 😀

  4. I’m no physicist, but it looks like Bailey catches in a stronger position and is better able to tolerate the force of the impact. Nastia’s is stylized in the air but it looks like her body takes a beating on the way down. So I vote for whatever allows our gymnast bodies to be the healthiest while doing these high-level skills.

  5. I think that both should be considered appropriate with actual focus placed on a sense of the gymnast rising up during the pak salto as opposed to a very flat transition.

  6. I think bail to handstand looks way cooler than a pac. Has that same look as a jam handstand on high bar. Where doing it the very, very, very best…ends up flirting with disaster. I think there’s less time to watch for the bar too. Sort of like a back toss on p bars. Just has that flirt with disaster appeal more.

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