perfect 10s at NCAAs?

27 perfect 10s have been awarded at NCAA Championships.

Will there be more in 2014?

perfect 10s

NCAA – Perfect 10

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7 thoughts on “perfect 10s at NCAAs?”

  1. They need to reward difficulty more. As it is, there’s no incentive to learn new tricks (a disincentive).

    Although women’s bodies are different than men, there’s no reason why, given the huge female college gym population, some athletes could not contribute internationally if the scoring rewarded training harder routines. Plus the athletes would be able to keep the aspect of what makes gym cool…learning new tricks.

    All the aspects of team-mate support and the like would still remain (they are very prominent in male gym). They can keep the gator chomps and booty stomps too. Just reward double layouts and the like. Heck, you could even keep the 10.0 system (if you care), by just adjusting what is considered top difficulty.

  2. I always feel like most of these girls are being held together with tape after training 20 plus hours a week for 8 years before they get to college.

    I wish the judges were better about taking all of the deductions that are in the routines and being better about giving the same scores no matter what team the athlete is competing for.

  3. Agree with TCO. The NCAA needs to evolve. 20 years ago most elite WAG were under 18 and NCAA was a post elite option. But these days many have realised that there is nothing stopping women competing until their mid 20’s, or even 30’s, so NCAA could be done alongside an elite career, as the men do.

    Plus, NCAA misses some of the best aspects of gymnastics. Elite gymnasts are constantly learning new skills and it is really interesting seeing how their routines evolve. It is great to see how they balance difficulty vs execution. Elite is exciting because there is a risk that they will fall, and this makes you sit on the edge of your seat, but NCAA difficulty is so low that there is hardly any risk of falling. Watching endless FTYs is boring. Watching back layout 1.5 of beam is boring. The only reason NCAA is popular is because great coaches like Greg Marsden have been working hard to promote it.

    NCAA has the team aspect right, that is the best way to present gymnastics, but they need to fix the scoring. Seeing people do double tucks off bars and get a 9.8 is a joke. The difficulty level needs to be raised.

  4. I will tell you that my friends and family enjoy and understand NCAA much more then elite. Because they don’t live and breath gymnastics they don’t care that the girls are “only” doing FTY and double backs off of bars. To them that is new and exciting.

  5. The majority of girls in the NCAA are there to get an education and go on with another career in life. Changing the scoring is not going to change some one’s mind as to whether they continue as an elite. Gymnasts are smarter than that, they know what it takes to keep going and they understand the scoring differences. The scoring is for the NCAA fans and the NCAA fans like it! Change the scoring to make scores lower and you will lose your audience. It is about more that just the gymnastics skills, it is about the team spirit. I don’t know why people keep trying to compare or change college gym to elite. There is a reason why college gym is so big…there are more kids that like competing in that atmosphere and are happy to move on from elite:) Plus who said they aren’t learning new tricks! I have done both and there are benefits to both but one doesn’t correlate to the other…imo!

  6. Giving average routines a 9.3 or 9.4 instead of a 9.8 is not going to drive away fans. There is in fact a middle ground where you can have a decent standard and still keep the college atmosphere. In fact, WAG college gym is not that big, it is only a relatively small number of programs that have marketed themselves well that draw the big crowds. Many programs are still poorly attended, yet it is the exact same product. The few programs that are big, are big because they have marketed themselves well. It has nothing to do with the scoring system.

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