Oklahoma Gymnastics bonus money

Oklahoma women’s gymnastics coach K.J. Kindler and her two assistants each received a total bonus of 40 percent of their base salaries for winning the Big 12 and NCAA titles. For Kindler, who is paid $175,000, those bonuses totaled $70,000.

How much are you paid, coach?

On the other hand, your team didn’t win the NCAA Championships. :-)


University of Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione received $30,000 in bonuses tied to the postseason success of the women’s gymnastics team …

Castiglione, who is being paid a $905,000 guaranteed salary this year, was unavailable to comment, according to athletics spokesman Pete Moris. An e-mail sent to university President David Boren’s office wasn’t returned.

Castiglione’s contract, obtained through open records laws, includes bonuses of $10,000 for the gymnastics team’s conference title, and $20,000 for the NCAA championship. …

He was named Athletic Director of the Year in 2009 by the Sports Business Journal. Oklahoma’s intercollegiate sports programs turned a $17.5 million profit in the year ended June 30, according to the Department of Education data.

Castiglione this year received $40,000 for the football team’s participation in the Sugar Bowl and $25,000 for the men’s basketball team’s berth in the NCAA tournament. Both those programs made money in fiscal 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Education. …


You get the feeling all this big money being handed out at American Colleges for working with unpaid athletes is not going to last.

It’s a bubble that could easily go bust.

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6 thoughts on “Oklahoma Gymnastics bonus money”

  1. What Clinton said. Oklahoma women’s basketball lost 3.1 million $.

    OU is one of the few schools at which revenue sports really generate revenue, so it can absorb these losses.

    That may change .

    The big money handed out at American colleges may soon be handed out mainly to athletes with the potential to actually earn some of that money. It’s not going to go to gymnasts of either sex or their coaches.

    This mess will take years to sort out, but no supporter of collegiate gymnastics should view them with anything but fear.

  2. The unsustainable part is continuing to fund ANY non-revenue sport, including both flavors of gymnastics, with $1.5 million per year losses if football and basketball aren’t there to balance those books.

    A contrary, and, as someone who wants to see sports beyond football survive at the college level, I think more correct, viewpoint: http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/johnehoover/john-e-hoover-oklahoma-ad-joe-castiglione-deserves-bonus-for/article_52587a23-0ab6-5ac4-8468-3e442ca7c167.html

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