Norah Flatley – Jesolo Beam



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8 thoughts on “Norah Flatley – Jesolo Beam”

  1. Chow does wonders with his gymnasts! Beam seems to be a speicalty of his, what with Shawn winning in 2008, Gabby getting the second highest score in the entire Olympics after falling about 36916 times at nationals just a year before, and now Norah!

  2. Lovely routine. As a side note, (and no way is this aimed at Noah or Chow because I see it everywhere), FIG keeps creating the rules to improve choreography in beam and floor and in most routines they just look out of place. (They looked forced, which since there is a rule that says they need to be part of the routine, they kind of are.) The side choreo requirement for beam, the no tumbling back to back for floor as an example.

    I wonder if anyone one had a better idea. When I first hear about these rules, I’m usually excited, thinking it will help. But then in most routines it doesn’t work. I thought the no tumbling back to back was great, mainly because it was overused. But what I’ve realized is it also allowed gymnasts like Mustafina and Ksenia to have a big section of choreo and dance in the middle of the routine. This gave them time to do some really creative stuff. Now all routines of little chunks of choreo here and there, and there seems to be no time for anything but arm waving.

    Is there a better way? Do rules for choreography just not work? In a way, you are trying to come up with rules for creativity. Maybe do I just need to be patient. Will another couple of years smooth things out.

  3. Great routine but a 14.7 compared to what I saw at the Russian championships. This score isn’t a point lower than komova and .7 lower than aly. It just shows the inflation that the Russians get on their scores. I believe Nora’s routine was around 15 and was a lot better than komovas this weekend

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