Jingyuan ZOU – Felge swing

Ganba Gymnastics linked to this Jr routine from Pacific Rim.

His Peach flies.

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This kid makes Leyva’s peaches look laboured. (VIDEO)


#1 Clinton on 04.19.14 at 4:36 am

And then he does the world’s crappest front uprise straddle cut. But yeah, super felges. And his Bhavsar was great too.

#2 Jingyuan ZOU – Felge swing | Gymnastics News Network. on 04.19.14 at 7:01 am

[…] Jingyuan ZOU – Felge swing […]

#3 artemovfan on 04.19.14 at 10:09 am

No, the same crap front uprise straddle cut has Shixiong Zhou. It’s a shame. Do they have the same coaches? Because both of them are great on peach work and poor on front uprises.

#4 TCO on 04.19.14 at 9:41 pm

I love the pop and float on his giant and peach. Has a little bit of that back toss look.

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