gymnasts have dense bones

Professor Marta Erlandson:

Research shows elite gymnasts – girls training at least 15 hours a week through childhood and adolescence – have much higher bone strength than other athletes or children who don’t participate in anything, she said. They also tend to maintain a higher bone density after they retire.

Marta Westerns

However, elite gymnastics isn’t something every child can do, and there’s some suggestion that it’s tied to high injury rates, Erlandson said.

She decided to look at recreational gymnastics, to see if just an hour a week of the activity would have any benefit.

Erlandson followed 160 young gymnasts over four years during her master’s and Ph.D studies. They had higher bone mineral content and higher bone strength than those who did other activities such as swimming, hockey and soccer. …

Kids’ gymnastics leads to better bones

Marta is volunteering at Western Canadian Championships, head of Medical.

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