Florida Super 6 montage

Florida and Oklahoma tied to win the team competition at NCAA Championships 2014.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Most of the footage in the video came from the University of Florida Athletics channel on Youtube.

Let’s see if @gymnastike takes this one down.

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9 thoughts on “Florida Super 6 montage”

  1. It ticks me off that I can’t view the NCAA championships on Youtube, because I would have had access to them for free because of my cable subscription. I couldn’t watch them live because of Easter services. I couldn’t tape them because I don’t have a DVR. Now I have to pay to see it when I know someone would have put them up on youtube for free? *sigh*

  2. I don’t understand why people are upset. Copyrighted material is copyrighted for a reason. If Gymnastike owns the rights than no one has a right to use their videos with out permission.

    It really does stink that Gymnastike is so selfish but if they own the rights to the videos they paid for it.

    1. Agreed.

      I’m not sure it’s a good investment for them, but if it is, go for it.

      On the other hand, I believe they’ve not respected copyright in the past branding other people’s work with Gymnastike and uploading those videos to their own server. SO … it looks like a case of the Mafia calling NastaFan a CROOK. :(

  3. The problem with Gymnastike is they’re hypocrites. They post plenty of material that isn’t theirs and claim it. Otherwise, I’d have no issue with their copyrights deal.

  4. Gymnastike is doing just fine and kwit the whining. NF1billionand1 has been banned repeatedly for uploads at Youtube. Info does not want to be free, thieves want to steal.

  5. Rick, your comment is actually not accurate. When a video is embeded onto Gymnastike it is done in a way that when viewed the particular youtube video channel’s video is getting the views as well. Gymnastike doesn’t download videos then upload them as their own.

    Gymnastike has a lot more traffic then most youtube channels (as you can imagine) so they are actually getting more views then they would simply from youtube traffic.

    Gymnastike doesn’t steal videos or do with them differently then other blogs. The site has a video uploading and filing system that enables videos to be put on the site via uploading or embedding in the same format. I assure you all videos that are not created by Gymnastike Staff are all embedded and function just like a youtube video.

  6. The issue I have is that the cost seems crazy. I have no problem paying $10 or $15 a month during the NCAA season for CBS ULive or a university’s subscription service. I actually paid for ULIVE, Florida, LSU, and Arkansas this year (I LOVE NCAA gym). Gymnastike just doesn’t provide quality coverage. Their journalists are amateur and the videography is mediocre at best. I can’t stand watching videos that are shaking or interviews where you can only hear one person talking, because they don’t mic up both parties. If they ran a professional business, maybe I would pay. But until they start producing videos like UGA and Utah or ESPN and CBS, I’ll pass.

    Not to mention that the organization of their website is not user-friendly. And the cost of Gold is not found until you sign up and give them some information. They must know that their prices are outrageous, otherwise they would be clearly stated. I hope they come into the 21st century and offer tiered pricing at some point. (i.e. $X for all NCAA coverage, $X for elite coverage, or $X for both).

    I also think it’s sad for our sport that young gymnasts can’t just go online and watch the videos of their role models. Some parents can’t afford Gymnastike’s costs and new fans who are just becoming interested in the sport may not want to pay. Now they can’t watch. Youtube was great for USA Gymnastics and I’ve met more people who have become gym fans, particularly NCAA fans, because of videos they saw on youtube. Imagine if the only way you could ever see Danusia’s Beam was if you paid for a service. A lot of people would never see it. For popular sports in the US (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) I get it, but for a sport that wants to build it’s fan base and provide coverage because their previously had been none, this Gymnastike “monopoly” is counterproductive. And they are headed in the direction of a monopoly — I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to gain the rights of every major competition.

    Last note, if Gymnastike can afford offices in downtown Austin, they aren’t hurting for money. They are doing this out of greed and power. That’s it. And I wish they would just come out and say it instead of acting like they are somehow helping the fans. They are helping themselves, not the fans. And that’s business.

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