Ebee Price to NCAA

2014 AT&T American Cup champion Elizabeth Price of Coopersburg, Pa./Parkettes Gymnastics, has retired from the U.S. Women’s National Team and will enroll at Stanford University for this fall, where she will compete on the school’s gymnastics squad.

“I have given this a lot of thought,” said Price. “Although the timing means that I might miss the opportunity to compete at the World Championships, I am ready to move on and have decided to enroll at Stanford University this fall. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I will miss my teammates, but I am excited to go to Stanford and compete in collegiate gymnastics.” …



Marta will not be amused.

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12 thoughts on “Ebee Price to NCAA”

  1. I don’t know if that’s the big question Jb. She’s 18. It’s the time most young folks go to college. I say go and enjoy and good for her.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how she does at NCAAs. She definitely has the talent and Stanford NEEDS her on Vault. But I feel that out of all the bigger name programs in Women’s NCAA, Stanford routinely underperforms the most. They bring in solid recruits and may pull off an upset during the regular season, but then they just make too many mistakes or have too many injuries to compete in post season.

    I’m hoping Price can excel, but I have my doubts she’ll stay healthy. UCLA and Stanford seem to have that issue more than other programs with big name athletes.

  3. Good for her. I hope her decision makes an impact on some younger elite hopefuls. As much as I would have loved to see her make the worlds team and do well, this is a great decision for her. She represented the US well and should be proud of that. It’s time to move on and experience the next step in her life. I hope she excels both in the gym and in the classroom at Stanford.

  4. Marta no longer has ANY control over this immensely talented, obviously mature and intelligent girl, and that perhaps is the greatest result of this decision.

  5. It is curious as to why she wouldn’t hold out for worlds this year as she could likely finish atop the podium; however, I commend her for making this decision and hoping to stay healthy for the upcoming college season. She will be greatly missed , as she is such an immense talent.

  6. She says she ‘might’ miss worlds, not that she definitely will – I’d wait and see. After all right now she seems like a lock for the team and the team is almost certain to get gold …

  7. Wow I’m worried she’s going to seriously regret this one. She’s probably the 2nd best gymnast in the world right now, has finally gotten healthy and on top of her game again, and will now end her elite career with no world or Olympic experiences. I think she may look back one day and realize she passed up an easy world team gold medal and likely a couple of individual world medals as well – opportunities that more than likely will never come again. What a shame.

    1. I don’t think there is such a thing as an easy medal when talking elite gym worlds. I’m bummed we won’t see her at worlds, but I am happy that she is moving on with her life by her own choice and not secondary to an injury.

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