Denis Ablyazin FX D 7.4

Two double fronts at the end of combinations.


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4 thoughts on “Denis Ablyazin FX D 7.4”

  1. That’s just out of this world. And for the record, his front twisting skills are beautiful. The Japanese twisting phenomenon doesn’t make it look so nearly as nice IMO.

  2. Fantastic routine but sadly I believe this one was overtime – I clocked 75 secs (against 70 sec time limit?).

    He goes overtime quite a lot.

    I do remember his Olympic bronze medal routine landed bang on the time limit buzzer (One millisecond later or had he taken a step would’ve = no bronze).

    He also goes out of bounds quite a lot too (the reason behind his failure to make EF at worlds last year) so I think it’s unlikely that he’ll beat Kenzo.
    On time and in bounds though and he definitely could do it.

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