Caloy Yulo – Floor

Jr Pacific Alliance.

A great success story for the Phillipines, Caloy qualified to both Vault and Floor finals.

Plucked from the streets and playgrounds of a nearby low-income neighbourhood, Carlos Adriel “Caloy” Yulo has been training with GAP since he was four years old, thanks to the prodding of his grandfather Rodrigo Frisco. …

GAP grooms Palaro standout

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You can see what FIG Floor rules are doing to our up-and-coming gymnasts. No deduction for repetition of corner moves.

(via Gymnastics Association of the Philippines on Facebook)

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  1. The problem with corner moves is the poorly done leaps. It would be much better if they just did clean steps. Transitions used to be fine up until 2005, then they started fiddling with deductions for corner moves and now they look terrible.

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