bossy girl = coaching talent

I tell every “bossy” female gymnast I encounter that she has potential for coaching. :-)

bossy pants

(via Women’s Rights News)

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10 thoughts on “bossy girl = coaching talent”

  1. Yeah…. there’s a difference between being bossy and having leadership skills. And gender is irrelevant to those differences.

  2. Nice that to men commented on that post. The difference is that rarely is “bossy” used to describe men.

  3. nothing annoying about girl power TCO. Rick obviously respects women and young ladies, and isn’t afraid to point out discreet misogyny still prevalent in today’s society.

  4. Our society does indeed have problems with misogyny, but I think this particular graphic misses the mark.

    Ordering people around without their input is not good leadership. It is, in fact, the opposite of good leadership. The presence or absence of a Y chromosome is irrelevant to this fact.

  5. Men are entitled to opinions too, Louise. Sheryl Sandberg did not get to where she is today by playing the sex card, but because she was a leader. She didn’t take over a board room by feeling hurt because someone called her an adjective. Now she’s telling girls to do the opposite of her and act spiritually wounded and victimized because they were called bossy in second grade. A little girl’s contemporaries are not calling her bossy as a malicious, patriarchal attempt to impede the blossoming of a young leader. Why aren’t we taught strength by overcoming an obstacle, not running to Uncle Sam to ban what you dislike?

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