Bars – who do you love?

NCAA Final 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Bridget Sloan on YouTube. 9.9375 (1st)

I swear Bridget took a big form break on overshoot every turn except for that routine. Coaches should study her huge, late tap for dismount.

Click PLAY or watch Samantha Shapiro on YouTube. 9.925 (2nd) Dreamy Pak.

Click PLAY or watch Kristina Vaculik on YouTube. 9.900 (3rd)

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10 thoughts on “Bars – who do you love?”

  1. Florida’s own angle for broadcasting bars has turned me against Sloan’s foot separation at the bottom of her giants. She has really closed the gap since the season began, but it is still bad as she starts her dismount and I am now conditioned to see it. I also don’t understand how the gymternet forgives her flexed feet on her release after skewering others for the same.

    Vaculik does the foot fling thing on her dismount as well (see above about how the UF livestream and their egregious leg separation has been burned into my mind).

    Loved Shapiro’s routine. On the day I has concerns about her final handstand, but I thought she was the best.

  2. Yeah Rick very interesting tap. It almost looks like she loads the bar straight down and uses it to pull her back into a slight arch after tapping straight. Watch the other two girls release both slightly piked and the bar snaps back when they let go. When Sloan releases there is nothing left in the bar. Very cool. Do you see any other girls do anything similar to that? Need to look up others that pike instead of straddling giants.

    1. There was just one other girl at Championships doing something similar, not quite as well.

      Cannot recall her name, however.

      Watch Peszek as the opposite extreme — weak, early tap. Problems sticking the dismount.

  3. I love Sloan and definitely consider her one of the best all-arounders in NCAA, but I don’t think she is among the top gymnasts on any particular event.

  4. you’ll have noticed that the above video links are now down ric.

    Word on the gymternet is that gymnastike reported youtube videos of nationals for copyright infringement.

  5. Apparently, the videos are no longer available due to copyright claims from gymnastike.

    That’s some grade-A bullshit.

  6. Gymnastike is such a scam. They pull this b.s. but post youtube videos from others on their site. I’d like to see their process for people to put a claim on those videos. This wasn’t good for the sport when USAG did it, and it is even worse the way they are doing it. Less fans will get to see events, but the crazy fans will still share the files…just secretly. Boo.

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