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Lauren Hopkins:

Over the 2014 season, judges awarded 27 perfect 10s while roughly 60 routines earned a score of 9.975, meaning a score of 10 was awarded by one of the two judges present. …

… about 64% of regular season 10s happened on home turf, and that number jumps to 77% when you include the neutral Metroplex Challenge meet, where crowd-pleasing is the name of the game. …

For NCAA gymnastics, the word “perfect” has to be redefined. At this level, it’s as subjective as the scoring, dependent on everything from an athlete’s spot in the lineup to the reaction of the crowd. …

“Perfect” 10s the NCAA Way

Here’s one “perfect” 10 from this season.

perfect 10

There were too many 10s this season. But they are great PUBLICITY for the sport.

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