150lb women

A number of friends shared this on Facebook.

They all weigh 68kg.

Muscle and bone are heavy.

Keep reinforcing the message that a good body is one that can get the job done.

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4 thoughts on “150lb women”

  1. I don’t think our problem is too much muscle on women or that the average woman (perhaps even the average man) can replace the bulk of their overweight fat with muscle.

    If a woman can add a handful of pounds of muscle, great. If a man can add 10 (maybe 20 max) then that’s great too. But fat loss will make what you already have look way better. And fat loss is a much faster process than muscle gain. And there’s no reason you can’t lift weights while dieting and after dieting.

    There is an obesity epidemic. And people are much happier and prouder when they have a good physique. People need to put down the wine and beers and fries and pick up the veggies. And get a workout in (walking is a good start).

    Instead of all the wailing about how society is creating unreasonable goals, just concentrate on getting people in shape. They need it.

  2. Oh…and the scale is a GREAT TOOL for accountability and measurement. Sure, it’s not perfect. But if you have 10+ pounds of weight to lose, checking the scale is very powerful at keeping you compliant. There’s a reason why Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig do weekly weighins. I’ve run Biggest Loser threads on forums. Nothing like the cold hard number to drive results.

  3. I’m like the fatty on the far left.

    My body gets the job done. That job is preventing physicians from killing people by giving them the wrong drug. A fat a$$ isn’t holding me back.

    I will never have a swell body ever again. I’m old.

    My main goal is not to become so large I will not be able to fit the largest adult diapers if and when I need them.

    I’m not putting down my Martinis for anything.

  4. No sweat, Yoko. I’ve had a few drinks in my life. Glad if you are happy that way. But there are a lot of people who really want to drop the weight. And there is something to not just following sports but participating and having a strong mind in strong body and all that. Plus there’s the issue of attracting the opposite sex.

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