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Though the No. 1 Oklahoma men’s gymnastics team just lost to No. 4 Ohio State, they are still ranked #1 in the NCAA.

Oklahoma once again tops the Men’s National Rankings for the Week of March 17th, according to GymInfo. Ohio State moves into second, just ahead of Stanford in third. OU leads on floor, PH, rings, and vault. Ohio State leads on PH and HB.

Individually, Stanford’s Akash Modi holds the top spot in the AA. On floor, Michigan’s Stacey Ervin takes over the lead. Ohio State’s Michael Newburger remains the leader on PH, while OU’s Michael Squires is the top ring man. Ohio State’s Jake Martin leaps into the lead on vault, while on PB, Michigan’s Syque Caesar retains his lead. Illini Jordan Valdez remains the leader on pipe. …

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I’d bet on Michigan’s Sam Mikulak over Modi at Championships, however.

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3 thoughts on “team to beat – Oklahoma”

  1. It’s going to be a great meet. It’s wide open. OU has been consistent all year and rarely misses. You can’t count out Michigan at home. Stanford will be in the mix. But Ohio State has the talent, if they can put it together, they’re the winners. The rest of the top 6 is wide open.

    My picks:
    Team: OSU, OU, Michigan, Stanford, PSU, Iowa
    AA. Mikulak, Modi, Martin, Melton, Maestas (that’s a lot of M’s)

  2. That above sounds pretty good.

    Any of OU, OSU, MI, or Stanford could win. It’s probably going to come down to which team makes the least errors. Same for the AA. Sam is beatable. He should win if he goes six for six (and contrary to popular belief, he can do this and has done it multiple times), but if he does not and one of those other does…

    I would not bet Penn State or Iowa to make the top six. They could do it.

    I think that the Gophers are almost certain to be in the top six. That last spot, who knows? Hopefully it’s California.

    If Air Force has a great night in qualifications and gets some help from the others, they could be in it. Ditto William and Mary. Those are very long shots, but not impossible.

    This should be one of the best NCAA Championships in years…

    I’m betting on Modi.

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