Road to Nationals vs Troester

I’ve not logged into the painfully antiquated Troester NCAA rankings all season. Road to Nationals (linked from the top of our home page) is far superior.

Road to Nationals

And sometimes more accurate.

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4 thoughts on “Road to Nationals vs Troester”

  1. I’m glad you like the site, Rick. I will say that while it’s not the prettiest, the GymInfo site has been invaluable to us in setting up RoadToNationals. We still use it quite a bit to double check our work and there are teams (especially with the men) that rarely post their scores anywhere else.

    I know they’ll always get compared, but I don’t really see the two sites as competing with each other. The Troester site performs a specific function as the official place where NCAA teams can enter in their results. RoadToNationals is more about making the information accessible, useful, and interpretable for coaches, athletes, and fans. And we try to keep people from having to do endless math as much as possible :)

    Thanks for mentioning it. Hopefully others find it interesting as well.

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