Fadwa Mohamed – Prudnova


If a marginal handspring double front vault results in catastrophic injury, how are Nellie Kim and FIG going to answer questions from the media?

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7.0 D-score, 7.950 E-score = 14.950

full vault results (PDF)


Fadwa Mohamed #AfricanChamps Prudnova (prelims)

Fadwa Muhammad – Prudnova (Worlds 2013)

Egypt’s Fadwa Mohamed (2013 interview)

Fadwa Muhammad – Prodnova (African Championships 2012)

That vault should be banned for female gymnasts.

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14 thoughts on “Fadwa Mohamed – Prudnova”

  1. The fact that her coach is clearly celebrating the terrifying landing and very scary landing is very disappointing.

  2. As a coach and a fan, I am overwhelming disgusted and dissapointed that no one has communicated that a vault to this standard is unacceptable! Wow! Her poor everything! Ouch!

  3. Just a thought for coaches – create an online petition against the move and share among people. Reaction of the girls’ coach is just unbelievable..

  4. She has no idea where she is in the air as evidenced by the fact that she still has her head down and tucked when she hits the mat. This is absolutely a broken neck waiting to happen and I can’t believe they haven’t done something to stop it. That French girl is arguably even worse. It’s awful. If they keep winning and making finals, even more will try and something awful will happen.

  5. as usual, you are completely wrong Rick. The problem is not the vault itself, which in no way should be banned. The problem is that Grandi has encouraged nowhere, primitive programs like Egypt and Domenican Republic to use their abortion attempts at this vault to make finals and get themselves attention. If this vault was properly judged, somewhere down in the low 12’s, then we wouldn’t have level 7 “quality” gymnasts attempting it.

  6. Yes, but since the vault is NOT being properly judged and the only nations who are using the HS double are ones whose female vaulters cannot safely compete the skill, it should be banned.
    I hate it say it, but there is a reason that 99% of girls don’t try it. Female gymnasts are not powerful enough to do a HS double consistently and safely. Even Produnova only landed it nicely a few times in competition. Fadwa’s vault this weekend is not an isolated incident. She and others have consistently attempted the double with near disasterous results.

  7. See, in trampoline, we’d crash that skill – thus giving the whole ‘pass’ a zero. I know WAG gives a zero for a non-feet-first landing, but a 4 point landing!?!?

  8. How did that get an e-score of 7.95. If you ignore the fall, that means she got an e-score of 8.95, correct? Given most “good solid” DTY get around 8.4-8.6, there has got to be more than 1.1 deductions on the rest of this.
    I still think the problem is these vaults aren’t being deducted properly.

    And there should be a difference between feet first and gets credit, and the feet are technically first but she isn’t even in a landing position. Maybe, if the hips and knees aren’t extended for a landing yet it doesn’t count.

  9. No need to ban the vault, some women will have the ability to do it safely (probably some of the older, more powerful women). Instead, what they should do is have a 2.0 deduction (or even 3.0) if you don’t open out safely before the landing. That way it won’t be worth it for these girls to throw dangerous vaults.

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