Chinese Trampoline training

The website Ministry of Tofu posted a great photo essay about the Chinese youth trampoline training program at the Fujian Trampoline Center where 2008 Olympic Champion He Wenna got her start. Because of her success, among the first Chinese to win an Olympic Gold medal, the Fujian Trampoline Center became the Training Center for the National Team.

There are 40 students there, selected for their potential, who range in age from 5-16. …

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Let me guess …

A small girl will be crying.

Trampoline China

Photos: Chinese kids on the trampoline

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Trampoline training”

  1. This is so sad…
    It is wonderful that these children are getting this “opportunity” to escape poverty and squalor but at the price of the JOY they should be experiencing in learning – and becoming highly skilled in gymnastics/trampoline/tumbling/diving etc.

    1. I believe you’d have to have USAG deal with China for something like that. Canadian Artistic men often train in China, but only when China invites the Canadian Federation.

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