2014 English Championships

Craig reports on the 2014 English Championships held 2 weeks before the British Championships March 28-30.

1 50.000 – Lucy Stanhope (City of Liverpool)
2 49.550 – Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin)
3 47.950 – Olivia Williams (City of Liverpool)

1 55.300 – Tyesha Mattis (East London)
2 54.750 – Catherine Lyons (Europa)
3 53.850 – Amy Tinkler (South Durham)

1 54.350 – Ruby Harrold (The Academy)
2 53.950 – Kelly Simm (Dynamo)
3 53.650 – Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)

Couch Gymnast – 2014 English Championships: Results

Click PLAY or watch Catherine Lyons’ pretty Beam on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Georgia Mae Fenton’s Bars on YouTube. LOVE the line.

Georgia-Mae won Jr Bars.

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8 thoughts on “2014 English Championships”

  1. Too much pointless choreo in Catherine’s routine. So much arm waving and finger flicking. Great acrobatics, but that intense robotic choreo does nothing for me.

  2. I kind of know where you are coming from but any kind of choreo is a win for me. It might not be my style but she has her own style, commits to it 100% and there is plenty of it.

    I am so fed up with swish flick acro, pose leap, swish flick acro, pose leap pose leap etc.

  3. Beautiful choreography from Catherine Lyons, just gorgeous. I enjoy so much watching her, great job Rochelle, artistry, dance, flexibility, form, what else do people want, this is truly artistic gymnastics. Great job to Georgia on her great beam and bars

  4. I’m with Hannah, remove 75% of Catherine’s arm movements (and the icky flexed wrists!) and it’s a lovely set. She clearly has beautiful lines and should show that off, not obscure it in traffic directing! I am interested in whether all the arm flourishes are coach-driven or gymnast-driven. My guess would be the latter, but who knows. Either way, the routine needs a serious makeunder.

  5. I agree with Susie – personally I’m not a big fan of the choreography but at least it’s different. I’m also tired of the pose, pause, skill, pose, pause, skill etc.

  6. Why not just remove the poses, then? Why does a beam routine have to have dance at all? Why not just let them get up, do their skills, and then dismount? No need for awkward poses, no subjective evaluation of artistry which will inevitably be influenced by what kind of day the judge is having, how tired they are, what they had for lunch, etc.

    People always say that gymnastics suffers from not being as pretty as it used to be, but trying to solve that by adding more dance sort of misses the point, in my opinion.

    If I want to see good dance, I’ll go to a dance performance. The beauty of gymnastics is not in the dance; it’s in the strength and body control and self-confidence it takes to do the skills themselves.

  7. Yes! I agree, beam would be so much better if they got rid of all the bullshit between skills. They also need to get rid of some leaps, there are way too many at the moment.

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