will Kenzo compete Worlds?

My guess is that our World Floor Champion will not be named to the 2014 Team. But that Japan will have a long range plan to put him on the Rio Team.

Japan simply has too many strong all-arounders who can contribute more to the Team score.

2) How old was he when he learned his now famous quad twist? 14. “I am small and light, so my twisting skill is better than multiple salto skill.”

10) Can Japan win the team title at the 2014 Nanning World Championships? “I can’t think about the result before I become a team member.”

10 Things To Know About Kenzo Shirai

Click PLAY or watch his twisting on YouTube.

UPDATE: Check the comments. A number of people are convinced Kenzo will compete Worlds 2014. Two apparatus that can contribute to Team score.

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5 thoughts on “will Kenzo compete Worlds?”

  1. Who, precisely? Remember Kenzo not only brings a 16+ on FX, but also a 15.2+ on VT.

    … and, unless things have changed, it’s a 6-man team this year and next.

    If anything, I’d say that it’s because the Japanese system tends towards producing AA gymnasts that Kenzo’s place in the team is secure for years to come. The proviso being that he keeps on bringing in the big scores, of course!

  2. I agree with A.

    The more AAers that can cover the other spots, the more space there is for specialists that can bring in big numbers.

    Also, Kenzo has been training other events (SR and PH).


    I doubt the Japanese would bother with this unless they thought he might have to get on some of things in future team competitions.

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