NCAA AA Champion 2014?

Balance Beam Situation:

… it’s time to think about the all-around. The NCAA all-around title is a bit like the ugly cousin who is forced to live in the attic and be silent when visitors come around (you know, like you have). No one is really allowed to talk about it or acknowledge caring about it because that might make it seem like they are putting personal goals above the team (THE HORROR!), but the quest for the all-around title is an exciting battle this year that I’m eager to keep an eye on more than I have been in most years …

So, who are the frontrunners?

1. Bridget Sloan – Florida
2. Rheagan Courville – LSU
3. Katherine Grable – Arkansas
4. Kytra Hunter – Florida
5. Georgia Dabritz – Utah
6. Emily Wong – Nebraska
7. Joanna Sampson – Michigan
8. Tory Wilson – Utah
9. Jessie Jordan – LSU
10. Alaina Johnson – Florida
11. Kristina Vaculik – Stanford
12. Jessie DeZiel – Nebraska
13. Lindsay Mable – Minnesota
T14. Caitlin Atkinson – Auburn
T14. Sarah DeMeo – Alabama
16. Brittany Rogers – Georgia

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