JAO Flyaway Progressions

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6 thoughts on “JAO Flyaway Progressions”

  1. I really love the videos Jason makes. The UB series clearly show how crucial refining and perfecting shapes is (how beautiful do the skills look when it’s done technically correct!), and how all the shapes build from Level 4 through to 6 and beyond.

  2. I love his drills too but some of those drills are impossible for a lot of coaches to do. I am a tall female coach at 5’5″. I have range of teeny tiny and kids that are my height. I can’t hold many of my girls up in the air and then flip them. Well I guess I could but I would have no back, shoulder, and a hernia at the end.

    What is really needed in coaches education are drills focused on the female coach and gymnasts that are as big as us. I want to keep these kids in the gym but we need better drills and education. And please don’t tell me get another coach because that is usually not an option.

  3. JO, email me some skills you’re looking for ideas for and I’ll give it some thought, see if I can come up with anything or have anything I already use.

    In the meantime, spotting belts, extra mats, angled mats, etc. I find a well-placed physio ball can sometimes relieve some of the weight of a kid and still be mobile and get out of the way.

  4. JAO, is the address on the you tube page?

    PS. I didn’t mean you specifically. I have e-mailed USAG about this and have gotten no response. I know with all of the great coaches in the US we can increase education, lower coach injury, and keep kids in the gym.

  5. Yes, or this name is hyperlinked I thought.

    I actually get that request fairly often from people who email the YouTube account. Often it is, “I teach an adult class, and….” or “I teach high school gymnastics…” etc.

    I might not have any ideas but I’d be happy to think about it if you let me know what specific skills you find the most difficult to spot/shape/teach to grown-up girls.

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