Sotnikova v Yu-na

Wire – Why People Think Adelina Sotnikova’s Figure Skating Gold Medal Was Rigged


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  1. I don’t know enough about skating to be able to form an educated opinion on this. However, I do feel that article is very one sided. There are also a lot of skating experts/ former champions who feel the results were correct e.g. Robin Cousins, Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir etc. I get the impression there is a certain Cold War mentality behind the eruption of this ‘scandal’. If someone like Gracie Gold (or really any non-Russian) had skated lights out and beaten Yuna, I doubt anyone in the Western press would even question it. (Although I’m sure the die hard Yuna fans would still be up in arms.)

    I don’t think the comparison of scores between Yuna’s performance in 2010 and Adelina’s in 2014 serves any useful purpose as these were completely different competitions, with different judges, 4 years apart. Also, (again, not an expert to feel free to correct me), from what I’ve been reading there were changes to the scoring system after Vancouver which made it harder for Kim to be rewarded for the jumps she performed.

    Overall, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were issues with judging. I can certainly buy the notion that Sotnikova was overscored in certain areas. However, I feel the hysteria generated prevents me from listening to these arguments seriously anymore. If you have a look at Sotnikova’s fan page on facebook, the things people have written are quite disgusting.

  2. I also found Chiocciola’s point on Golden Skate quite interesting:

    “Salt Lake City

    Gold for Hughes??? 5,6 for Slutskaya’s artistry))) Scandalous second gold for Canadians…


    Scandalous scores for Chan, Dube/Davidson, bronze for Rochette… Gold for safe Evan with no quad?

    It happens every time.

    What you guys are saying is double standards. You’re ok with winnings of those who are immature, young but North Americans (Lipinski, Hughes, Gold) or mature but not good enough in TES as long as they’re North Americans (Evan, Rochette…).”

  3. Controversial article. How can author explain that Sotnikova has the same high level component scores in Short Program when there was neither Russian nor Ukrainian judge but American, British and South Korean ones?

  4. Hmm, this is so 2012! Komova vs Douglas. Let them weep. I am ready to donate some tissues :) . I have come to learn one thing from Komova vs Douglas 2012; It does not matter if you are the real winner, as long as you can get away with Gold Medal handed over free by the judging panel.

    One more thing, if Russians win Americans weep and vice versa. Same sh*t different day. Me no longer care. :)

  5. Huh? Kim Yuna is not American but South Korean. Stop trying to make this an America vs. Russia thing, the US has no dog in this race.

  6. Yuna has a quality to her skating Sotnikova doesn’t. If you believe for a second her PCS scores should have been close to Kim’s you know nothing about this sport and should probably learn a little before you start talking.

    Tara Lipinski is still trying to convince the world her LP deserved 5.9’s for presentation and Johnny stood with Russia over his owns rights as a gay man. There is something wrong with doing that.

    Tara supports the Russian skater because she won the same way. Bad judging with jumps and not an ounce of actual presentation.

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