critical Olympic traits

Garth Rowan:

Here are 9 of the most critical Olympic traits that the rest of us could apply in a crisis:

1) Confidence

That elusive factor that everyone strives for but few can conjure up at will. The fallacy is thinking that someone else can give it to us. Far from it; not even the best coach can hand us that secret. It comes from within, it’s about getting the small things going well and building from there. …

2) A Support network

3) The road map

4) Stay in the “Now”

5) Self assessment

6) Mental toughness

7) Preparation routine

8) Purposeful practice

9) Grab the best behaviour

Crisis Intelligence Blog – Lessons for critical communications from the Sochi Olympics


Darya Domracheva became Belarus’ most successful Olympian of all time on Monday with victory in the biathlon 12.5-kilometer mass start, her record third gold medal of the Sochi Winter Games.

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5 thoughts on “critical Olympic traits”

  1. Well Boginskaya and Korbut are more successful too, but neither of them won more medals than Domracheva while actually competing for Belarus (rather than USSR/Unified Team).

  2. Hmm, Scherbo did win his 6 gold after Belarus became independent and I’m pretty sure they played the Belarussian national anthem when he won.

  3. Scherbo’s individual medals actually counted towards the Unified Team on the official Olympic medal table even though they did raise the flag and played the anthem of Belarus. Belarus’ official medal record didn’t begin until the 1994 Winter Olympics.

  4. Byelorussia’s aerial gold medal was by former Ukrainian Alla Tsupor . Alla was recruited to aerials -at 12 on her gymnastic skills & went to the 98 games iirc as a 16 year old.

    Alla is one of many who left Ukraine because that nation just cannot get its act together. Hopeless hopeless. No one in sport is surprised by recent events.

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