Worst Of Gymnastics 2013

WorldOfGymnastike put together a list including:

• Viktoria Komova’s health
• Elena Zamolodichkova’s heart attack
• ACL tears in competition
• Racial Remarks
• Marta Karolyi accusing Chinese gymnasts of being underage

See details and the rest of the listThe Worst Of Gymnastics In 2013

I’m always amazed when Bela or Marta weigh in on FIG “age cheating”, the both of them being coaches of perhaps the worst offending nation.

Even more audacious was the incident of the Agache-Szabo Impersonation in 1981. Yet another sorry story from the checkered past of Romanian Gymnastics.

Lavinia Agache competed as Ecaterina Szabo at an international meet in the USA in 1981. Interviews with people involved with the meet.

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10 thoughts on “Worst Of Gymnastics 2013”

  1. Life behind the iron curtain was never anything that we could imagine, the Karolyi’s NEVER had any say so in who would travel and under what name they would claim. They were mere coaches and disliked by jealous power hungry idiots running the Gymnastics Federation. Hints of such stories and the reality of life in Romania under Ceaucescu were hinted at when Nadia defected in ’89. The country was corrupt on every level within the government, and two coaches were little pawns, the Karolyis even lost their athletes to a jealous coach through the administration a few years before this event occured. I know many former athletes from the east and they all claim these fact’s a common daily life in Romania, East Germany, the Soviet’s, etc. If the coaches do not do as the Federation demand, then they lose their athletes and their gym’s…it is a choice: the corrupt way or homeless.

  2. I agree with Kevin and Anonymous. I don’t think Marta’s comments were out of line – she knows based on experience that she most likely didn’t have control over. And if that’s what she thinks, why not call it? We were all thinking it.

  3. Bela has always been a stinking pile of crap, but he was a winning stinking pile of crap. So he became OUR stinking pile of crap, and all of this was neatly swept under the rug.

  4. Marta knows? With a different ethnicity maybe. We all know that Asian people are smaller and younger looking than their Western counterparts. This is not new information.

    And if you were thinking it about Huang Huidan of all people, you should probably check her 2009 bars on youtube. She could not be doing those skills at 9 or whatever people think she was then.

    There is absolutely no evidence that any of the Chinese girls were underage. Marta was not making her comments in an official capacity thankfully but they were still baseless.

    1. No evidence (that I’ve seen) that the 2012 Olympic girls were underage. But that same National Federation did cheat in 2000 with at least 2 gymnasts.

      I suspect they’d do it again if they thought they could get away with it.

      1. The year before the 2008 Olympics their ages showed underage then the Chinese delegation took this off. At the time if the USA had used jordyn weiber or katlyn oshie we would probably been banned from the next two olympics

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