Worst Of Gymnastics 2013

WorldOfGymnastike put together a list including:

• Viktoria Komova’s health
• Elena Zamolodichkova’s heart attack
• ACL tears in competition
• Racial Remarks
• Marta Karolyi accusing Chinese gymnasts of being underage

See details and the rest of the listThe Worst Of Gymnastics In 2013

I’m always amazed when Bela or Marta weigh in on FIG “age cheating”, the both of them being coaches of perhaps the worst offending nation.

Even more audacious was the incident of the Agache-Szabo Impersonation in 1981. Yet another sorry story from the checkered past of Romanian Gymnastics.

Lavinia Agache competed as Ecaterina Szabo at an international meet in the USA in 1981. Interviews with people involved with the meet.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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