where’s Mark Davis?

Everyone’s heard of Mark Davis.

• 1st in the world to compete a Triple Fly-away High Bar
• 3rd in the world to compete Quad Fly-Away off swinging rings

… He started his career in the sport as a gymnast earning a full scholarship to southern Illinois University. In 1973 he studied men’s gymnastics in Japan on an exchange program.

He has coached at numerous gyms across the country including; California State University, Northridge 1973-78; Asst. Coach under Dan Connelley. SCATS Gymnastics 1980-88, where he assisted coach Don Peters an Olympic coach. At SCATS he helped coach Olympians Mitch Gaylord and Charles Lakes. Mark also coached for Kelli Hill, Hill’s Gym 2007-08. …

Today he’s USAG Boys Team Head Coach at Nittany Gym.

His comedy Ring routine starts at 1min 50sec. on this 1977 Santa Monica Gym Fest montage. :-)

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Thank David Reilly for the update.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is any film of Ed Brannigan who was a SPECIALIST ON SWINGING RINGS IN THE ’60’S ’70’S AND ’80’S????? Thanks! PS – Or know of where he lives now? I grew up with him in Canoga Park and did gymnastics with him until he started cutting school to go TRAIN SWINGING RINGS AT MUSCLE BEACH SANTA MONICA!!! He loved SWINGING RINGS THE WAY I LOVE GYMNASTICS!!!

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