USA Camp – Nia Dennis

USAG has once again been posting videos from the most recent Camp at Karolyi Ranch.

Click PLAY or watch Nia Dennis highlights on YouTube.

Check the front layout step-out at the 55sec mark.

Check the rest on the Inside the January Camp playlist.

(via Craig Tilley on GymFever)

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4 thoughts on “USA Camp – Nia Dennis”

  1. That is some noise on those landings. Can we understand knees ankles & hips have to last a lifetime? That jarring is spine tingling ouch.

  2. Very impressed with Nora’s ub and Alyssa baumans overall training the usa depth is unreal I feel even not here bailie key will be the one to beat she’s getting 60 with work to be done on ub once that’s up I see her beating anyone

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