two more NCAA Achilles injuries

The Utes won the meet with a 196.65, followed by Boise State (195.85), BYU (194.55) and SUU (192.025) in front of 14,910 at the Huntsman Center.

Kassandra-Lopez-29-cutoutThe night got off to a bad start when standout Kassandra Lopez tore her Achilles tendon during warmups. …

The Utes compared the situation to last year when standout Corrie Lothrop suffered the same injury early in the season.

Utah gymnastics: Utes overcome setback to win opener

It looks like Kassandra is out for the season.

At the Alabama meet, coach Patterson said that Kayla Williams injured her Achilles’ tendon in warm-ups.

What percentage of NCAA women injure their Achilles? :-(

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