“skew” on Magyar / Sivado

Sargis Siradegyan sKT posted this interesting variation in flare.

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The hands should be parallel on each step or take a deduction for skew.

I asked Canadian Head Coach Tony Smith his opinion on skew deduction in 2013. He feels most gymnast are getting deducted. But that those with a very high start score get deducted less than the rest.


If possible, use other (less deductible) D elements instead.

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5 thoughts on ““skew” on Magyar / Sivado”

  1. Skew deductions are totally outrageous at the moment. We are getting told to deduct for every 1/3 of the travel now and many judges are taking 0.3 every when the skew is quite minor so that can mean 0.9 for a slightly skewed Magyar that in reality only deserves 0.1 or 0.2.

  2. Many years ago we held a Pommel Clinic and we brought Mark Sohn in as a speaker.

    We were all teaching an intentional skew in the direction of the spindle with our little guys on a horse with no handles. (many of us had spent hours pouring over video of Jarov’s kids in France working in this way). The skew would straighten out somewhat when the Pommels were introduced with our older guys.

    Mark had a strong opinion on this. He felt a slight skew was simply good and correct technique…and that judges who would deduct for this knew nothing about Pommel Horse. (were talking about a slight skew here…not someone being 45 off where you can’t tell if it’s a long or side travel 😉

    It’s hard to take the higher ground when we are trying to max out our scores…but I think there is an important lesson in there when dealing with our developmental athletes.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr3LTYeX-YI

    I just looked on youtube to see if I could find any video of Mark Sohn. I was thinking back about how great he was on horse. It’s 20 years since I last watched him swing! Saddly I found only one video…1994 worlds event finals. It wasn’t one of his best sets, but we can see how original and cool his work was.

  4. ….The hands should be parallel on each step or take a deduction for skew. …”

    well…that is not true, or should not be like that.
    the hands positions are not so important as the angle deviation for the shoulders and hips relation with the horse at the moment of the circle. Is very simple assume that if you have one hand more in front of the other you will have a skewing, but not necessarily …

  5. This gymnast takes large steps forward and backward but squares off very well on each step by making his hands parallel in the second half of each circle. I have very little problem with that. I don’t think there are many deductions in his case.

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