Sarah Finnegan – Zuchold

Nice to see this trick making a comeback. :-)

Nice to see Sarah Finnegan back in training, as well.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Tony Retrosi)

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13 thoughts on “Sarah Finnegan – Zuchold”

  1. Those bars are a loooong way back now & Finnegan is even a longer way away from getting that move .

    Why youtube something that ain’t there. Big deal she is trying one , Ruby Harrold competed it in world finals.

  2. @Sylvester, you should watch the SNL Debbie Downer skits. Lighten up. It’s a cool skill and I love that we have videos of Finnegan training — she’s an awesome athlete and gorgeous to watch.

  3. Maybe a finished skill but zuchold herself could probably do it better. Saying everyone loves Finnegan is silly. No one knows who she is.

  4. It is a downside of a strong USA team that alternates are not well known because we’ve never seen them .

    That is the way of the world. Ruby Harrold is continuing Britain’s creative bars & is known . It certainly helps to get to a final of a premier event.

  5. ” Saying everyone loves Finnegan is silly.”

    Taking hyperbole literally is silly, Debbie Downer :)

    “No one knows who she is.”

    Complete nonsense. Sarah’s work is well-known and respected–and hello, she was an alternate in London! If you say this you reveal your ignorance of US gymnastics, in which case it’s impossible to take your negativity seriously. Maybe stick to lurking until you know a little bit more about the sport?

  6. Sarah is way better than Ruby Harold. If Ruby were an American, she would not even be an alternate, much less an world team member. The only reason she made it to the world team in her country is because of lack of talent to complete a team. Sarah’s last all around score when she was healthy was over 59 points. Ruby barely scored over 53 points at the worlds last year.

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