NCAA Champions 2014 Oklahoma

I love the NCAA.

One of the few failures of that league, however, is that results are so predictable. Only 5 teams have ever won the Championship.

Florida won for the first time in 2013. It would be awesome if Oklahoma won for the first time in 2014. :-)

Click PLAY or watch a December intersquad highlights edit on YouTube.

Here’s the Sooners Media Guide.

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3 thoughts on “NCAA Champions 2014 Oklahoma”

  1. I think Oklahoma will win someday, and that KJ Kindler is clearly amongst the best, if not arguably THE best, women’s coach in the NCAA. But I’d place my bets this year on Florida to repeat. Given that they lost almost no one, and gained some more talent, I think they’ll build up a bit of a legacy for inducting a sixth member to the club.

  2. Dave, the Gators lost Marissa King, Ashanee Dickerson, and Stageberg (and I feel I’m forgetting someone). They lost some real fighters with some really consistent big scores.

    I’m not saying they can’t repeat, but I don’t agree with your “lost almost no one” assessment.

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