Friday Night Lights v MIOBI

Friday Night Lights is an American drama television series based around a high school football team situated in Texas. …

Critically acclaimed. Great acting. Great writing. It lasted 5 season.

I find Coach Eric Taylor very believable.


Another TV drama set in the context of youth sport, Make It or Break It, was utter crap, by comparison. 3 seasons, 48 episodes, ending 2012.

And that’s a shame.

We’re still waiting for the great, serious Gymnastics TV drama.

A coach more believable than Sasha Belov. :-(

coach Sasha

I suspect — as usual — the football series had far more money to hire good writer$.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights v MIOBI”

  1. Male dominated sports versus female dominated sports – that could be one reason why one was crap and the other wasn’t. Although, most of the stuff on ABC Family is crap. Still, I would like to see a drama centered around a female dominated sport that isn’t crap. That is unlikely as sexism is alive and well in popular culture (people just like to pretend it isn’t).

  2. I agree with you on Make It Or Break It. ABC Family has produced some excellent programming, but that was not an example of great programming. It started getting worse as it progressed, sadly, with the whole story line about the teen pregnancy really annoyed me. The storyline with the uber competitive girls just pissed me off to no avail. There many other non-gymnastics related inconsistencies that bothered me too.

  3. remember FNL was also based of a great , high profile,book
    The only high profile book gymnastics has is little girls in pretty boxes

  4. FNL had a fantastic script, telling stories about real people that were also playing sports. MIOBI dealt in cliches from episode one and was more geared towards silly teenage drama than to a realistic behind the scenes view of gymnastics. It might also be harder to find good actors that can realistically portray a sixteen year old Olympic hopeful gymnast than finding a bunch of relatively fit guys that can act and pretend to play football.

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