Fadwa Muhammad – Prudnova

At Worlds 2013 the biggest “issue” I felt was FIG WTC rewarding dangerous Prudnova Vaults.

So far as I’ve heard, Nellie Kim and the good ladies of the WTC have still done nothing to fix the rules. Nothing to discourage other gymnasts from chucking a handspring double front.

I’d not seen a video of Fadwa Muhammad’s Prudnova from Worlds until tonight.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If there is a serious injury on that vault in competition, the FIG will have to answer some very difficult questions. :-(

(via Matt Beck on GymFever)

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5 thoughts on “Fadwa Muhammad – Prudnova”

  1. This is unacceptable. One of the first things you learn as a first-time judge in Canada is to never allow an athlete to perform a skill that they cannot perform safely. Perhaps it’s time for FIG to reassess their own rules.

  2. This is a direct result of Grandi & company rushing and encouraging programs that have no business being on the world stage. Thanks to Pena being rewarded with multiple vault finals for doing a vault SHE clearly shouldn’t be doing, other minor programs are now throwing their abortion attempts at this vault in order to rush the same kind of successes. FIG has no one to blame but themselves, when someone inevitably harms themselves on this “vault”.

  3. The (MAG dont know about WAG) CoP says:

    “The gymnast is expected to include in his exercise only elements that he can perform with complete safety and with a high degree of aesthetic and technical mastery. Very poorly performed elements will not be recognized by the D-jury and will be deducted by the E-jury.”

    I think Pena’s and Fadwa Muhammad’s vaults qualify as “very poorly performed elements”. If the rules allow the judges to not recognize and heavily deduct the element I don’t understand why they don’t enforce it.

  4. The “FIG Flak” WAG Help Desk newsletter thingy recently published partially addresses this by saying that in order to receive credit, the feet not only have to hit the mat first, there also must be some support from at least one foot – otherwise the vault isn’t recognized and receives a score or 0.00. Pena’s vaulting definitely skirted that line, as I recall; I think that’s the Technical Committee’s attempt to deal with the issue.

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