Bridget Sloan, Kytra Hunter 10s

hmm …

Click PLAY or watch Bridget’s 10 on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Kytra’s 10 on YouTube.

I love Kytra’s routine. But neither are 10.0 for me.

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8 thoughts on “Bridget Sloan, Kytra Hunter 10s”

  1. Good routines but not 10s. A switch split would need to be really split to not get deducted, correct?
    That said, I did enjoy their routines.

  2. All the scores in that floor rotation were WAY over scored. That rotation shouldn’t have even scored a 49.5 total, and it scored over a 48.0.

  3. But keep in mind that the scores are not only based on performance but also compared to the routines that came before. So the increase from 9.975 to 10 may have been warrented for sloan and Hunters was just as good as Sloan’s, hense the second ten.

  4. Yeah but all of the routines were over scored. Macko didn’t deserve a 9.95 and Spicer didn’t deserve a 9.975. It was just out of hand.

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