age-15 Kenzo 15.650 (6.9 D)

Our World Floor Champion was the youngest competitor in Antwerp at age-17. He’s been competing highest level difficulty combinations on FX for years!

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D – 6.9
E – 8.750
Final score = 15.650

Uncle Tim predicts it might be 10yrs before we see another gymnast who can twist like this.

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5 thoughts on “age-15 Kenzo 15.650 (6.9 D)”

  1. exactly – especially after seeing the pre-worlds vids of him doing mindblowingly easy twisting dbl layout saltos – the MAG code must be adjusted to require a dbl salto.

  2. I do agree that a double salto should be required, but as long as it isn’t I agree with his coaches that if he can do a more difficult routine with just twisting, then he should. I just don’t see how he can upgrade anymore, it just seems as if he has already maxed out!

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