why I won the Olympics

UPDATED with Part 3

Kyle Shewfelt:

1. Attention to detail.
2. Planning.
3. Professionalism.
4. Listen to your body. Trust your intuition.
5. Journaling/Reflection
6. Clear and Specific Goals

18 Reasons why I won the Olympics – Part 1

7. Open Communication
8. High Standard
9. Give yourself a physical/mental break…but timing is key
10. Build strengths. Maintain weaknesses.
11. Safety first.
12. Pressure Situations

Cont’d – 18 reasons why I won the Olympics Part 2

13. I learned how to compete and how to deal with competition day.

Knowing how to turn it on when you have one shot in competition is a whole different experience than performing well in training. There are ‘athletes’ and then there are ‘competitors’. I was a competitor. I kind of liken it to being a warrior and competition was the battlefield.

I was different on competition day – my adrenaline would be pumping and my senses would be alive. Normally I am quite outgoing, but I turned into a very quiet person leading up to a big meet. I needed to be by myself in my own little world so I wouldn’t get distracted. I had to learn how to control all of the EXTRA stuff that came on competition day. As much as we want to pretend it’s just like training, your body and mind know it’s not.

14. Consistency led to confidence.
15. Social Responsibility
16. Innovation and creativity
17. Desire and Obsession
18. Belief

Cont’d – 18 reasons why I won the Olympics Part 3

Details on those links. Kyle was one of the top Floor / Vault men for 10 years, 3 Olympics.

Click PLAY or watch his gold medal FX routine 2004 on YouTube.

He recently opened a new gym.

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#1 jimfromseattle on 12.23.13 at 9:37 am

there are few (if any) more articulate and thoughtful commentators on the sport and how to maximize
one’s potential in it than Kyle Shewfelt…..odd isn’t it that his 18 points are applicable in virtually every aspect of building a quality life as well?

He is, of course, one of OUR, all of us….greatest Olympic Champions.

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