Voronin Cup highlights

Lauren C (not Lauren Hopkins) attended the Voronin Cup in Russia:

Much as it was a joy to see Anna Pavlova in competition again, and for the first time representing Azerbaijan, the most exciting stories of the 2013 Voronin Cup were found in the junior division.

The Russian juniors were dominant in general at this competition, taking the first four all-around spots as well as sixth place. However, one particular training group stood out from the rest. …

Darya Mikhaylova and Raisa Batyrova, both of whom will turn senior in 2015, stole the show at Voronin, and as a consequence, the skill of their shared coaches was the big takeaway fom the event. For those of you who don’t know, Mikhaylova and Batyrova train under the Razumovskys, Irina and Viktor, at CSKA Moscow, in the newly constituted group that includes Olympic team member Nastya Grishina. …

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Click PLAY or watch Mikhaylova’s Floor on YouTube.

Will FIG truly start rewarding artistry more?

If not, I don’t see how the Russian Juniors, when Senior, will be able to compete against the USA in future. Their start scores will be too low.


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#2 Sylvester on 12.15.13 at 2:47 pm

When I saw the scores I thought they must be weak & the usual ‘what has happened to Russia etc’ but when I saw the gymnastics I realised they were rather special .

I have given up on the scoring . If I like a style I will appreciate it no matter what figmeisters say . And if I don’t I won’t care that I should .

Long time no Raisas on the national team – a blast from the 1950s. That is usually an ugly move but she makes it elegant.

#3 Sylvester on 12.15.13 at 2:51 pm

Talkin about Raisa’s beam mount .

#4 JimfromSeattle on 12.15.13 at 7:12 pm

“Will FIG truly start rewarding artistry more?”


the greatest male gymnast in history scores 9.1 in execution.


#5 Clinton on 12.16.13 at 12:09 am

Er, artistry != less deductions.

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