Temple needs a Christmas miracle

A $4 million fund where the interest could pay for the relatively inexpensive Men’s program.

Began in 1926. This is our 88th year

Olympians: Chet Phillips (36), Bob Stout (52), Dominick Minicucci (92)

Olympic coaching staff members: Fred Turoff (92), Miles Avery (04, 08)

Highest GPA of all Temple teams the past three years

Top 3 highest GPA of all NCAA Men’s Gymnastics teams the past three years

We’ve run Philadelphia Boys’ Gymnastics, the only competitive program for area boys, for 11 years

via Some facts about TUMG (PDF)

That PDF has contact information for 3 administrators at Temple who could be petitioned.

TempleTed Pearson, a historian who teaches at Franklin & Marshall College, said his sons Will, 15, and Owen, 12, have been attending gymnastics at Temple for about five years.

“They really like it,” said Pearson, who brings the boys from their home in Merion. “It teaches them discipline, gives them physical fitness and mental alertness.”

“If we lose this program, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Pearson said. “There’s no boys gymnastics where we live.”

Read more at Philly.com – Will boys’ gymnastics program at Temple survive?

related – Neil D. Theobald, president of Temple University, gives the media his version of why 7 teams were cut. He’s clear that cutting Football, instead, would not have saved those seven.

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#1 jimfromseattle on 12.30.13 at 12:39 am

no one greives more than those who have gone before…….
1. Cal (exepted, ‘big bucks’ and a complete, unexpected, and unique alum-contributed situation…..
2. of 155 funded varsity programs from the 74 season until now, only 2…TWO have survived complete ‘varskity foot ball sponsored funding cuts’….
2A. Washington
2b. Arizona State………….


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