jumping subway tracks

Here’s a bad idea.


… Adding to the danger of the already wildly dangerous shoot, Koki was jumping TOWARD the third rail.

“People online have been saying he should’ve come from the other side, so he wasn’t going toward the third rail, but it would have been impossible,” Ying explained to Daily Intel. “We had scouted the subway pretty well. This spot is probably the only one where that was doable.”

According to the NYC Transit Rules of Conduct, it’s a violation just to STAND on a skateboard on the subway. And considering the rather frequent subway fatalities, we wouldn’t recommend any amateur skateboarders try this out anytime soon. …


Dvora Meyers is pretty sure she could clear those tracks, too. :-)


#1 michael cates on 12.06.13 at 5:19 pm

Lets say he amature or professional skateboarder falls short and ends up in a wheelchair! He or a lawyer on his behalf sues the City! Just go somewhere in the middle of a desert and risk your life! Then that person can learn what personal responsabilty is all about! To I missed the gymnastic part of this video!

#2 jumping subway tracks | Gymnastics News Network. on 12.06.13 at 7:43 pm

[…] jumping subway tracks […]

#3 Cee on 12.10.13 at 8:54 am

Good Lord, this makes me ill to watch. He’s just begging Darwin to step in.

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